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Revolutionary Bottle with IO filter in the cap

Now with just one click on the button, the water in your bottle is automatically filtered in only 15 seconds. Now you can be sure that you hydrate properly with always crystal clear water.

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Ultimate Water Filtering

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UV Purification

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Building the future of Sustainable Hydration

We are developing products that are backed by science and driven by the belief that hydration can be powered by AI and UV filtering.

More than 58.000+ reviews worldwide


A huge plus for people who want a sustainable water bottle alternative that doesn't require constant scrubbing to keep water tasting great.

Santiago Torres

Madrid | 22 years


Cut down trips to the store and the amount of plastic you are using with this self-cleaning water bottle that purifies water by eliminating up to 99.99% of bacterias.

Luciana Álvarez

Barcelona | 24 años


I love the bottle and I think it’s amazing I just don’t know if it’s actually 32 oz, or I’m just in love with the bottle that I keep finishing it and having to refill it multiple times.

Alexa Ramírez

Berlin | 24 years


This is everything I have been looking for to take out into my trips. Lightweight and gets the job done when drinking out of streams and unknown sources. Bottom line it gets the job done

Carolina Laurens

Madrid | 27 yearns


Super easy to use .love that it cleans and filters the tap water, my water has been tasting terrible, since I bought the Filtero bottle my water taste so much better and I'm drinking more water.

Hellen Reies

Lisbon | 27 años